A Multisensory Environment Design for an Interface between Autistic and Typical Expressiveness

Project Co-ordination

Chris Creed, Paul Newland, Simon Kunath

The aim of this project is to design, produce, build and validate an intelligent, immersive, multisensory, interactive environment that reacts to the unique user, and allows that user to create expressions of their own sensory experience: creations which can be replayed and communicated to others. This environment will be a transportable one.

Contract No. – IST-2000-26307
Project Cost – 2,054,829 Euro
European Commission Contribution – 1,659,893 Euro

Start Date – 1st September 2001
Duration – 30 months

The MEDIATE Project gratefully acknowledges the financial support of The European Commission

MEDIATE is funded under the FP5 / IST / Systems and Services for the Citizen / Persons with special needs (including the elderly and the disabled).